Warning! It's addictive
We have a little story to tell... it's short and sweet.
We fudge and we making this ol’time favourite treat. Its as simple as that. Like poetry - a lost art.

Gourmet Fudge has perfected the art of making fudge in the traditional way, with a modern twist. With special skill and lots of patience, we use the same family recipe, handed down through generations to produce an all time classic. We use only top quality ingredients, organic butter and sugar and add loads of , our secret ingredient. The process takes a while when we slowly melt the sugar and butter to the desired temperature, under the watchful eye of our passionate Gourmet Fudge makers. This is how we create a smooth, creamy caramel delicacy with an extraordinary taste. Each flavour, uniquely added for the most discerning palate.

Every handmade batch, is rested for a few hours, to bring the caramel taste experience to its full flavour burst, before being skillfully handcut, ready for the shelf.

Be warned, its addictive! You will find 40 palate teasing flavours, promising a melt in the mouth experience – but hey, isn’t that what you expect from our Gourmet Fudge?

Look for our home grown, proudly South African, handcrafted favourite caramel fudges in stores near you or drop us a line.

Email us at [email protected] for info on corporate gift boxes, retail shops or just get a box to share with a friend…

Our PRODUCT page has our list of all our flavours for easy ordering.


Gold Award! De Kat Magazine

Gold! Good Food & Wine Jhb
Best Speciality Product Display (Category: Group)

Silver Award! Bloemfontein Show

Bronze! Good Food & Wine Jhb
Best Speciality Product Display (Category: Single)

🥇 1st Prize! Hartbeespoort Harties Herfsmark

🥉 3rd Prize: Platinum Market Rustenburg

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