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Our Story

Gourmet Fudge has perfected the art of making fudge in the traditional way – with a modern twist. Special skill, a secret or two and a passion for quality is all it takes to produce such an all time classic. Its a smooth, melt in the mouth, decadent

The process takes a little while when we slowly melt the sugar and butter to the desired temperature, under the watchful eye of our passionate Gourmet Fudge bakers. Maintaining the desired temperature for just the right time is paramount to create a smooth, creamy caramel delicacy with an extraordinary taste.

Each little handmade batch, is rested for a few hours to bring the caramel taste experience to its full flavour burst, before being handcut, ready to be shipped. Be warned, its addictive!

You will find 50 palate pleasing flavours on our menu.

We are chuffed to have won numerous awards for our Gourmet Fudge range.

De Kat Magazine judges (Lekker Life Festival) – Gold, Good Food & Wine – 2x Award Winners, Mosaiek Lifestyle – Top Category Award, Hartebeespoort Herfsmark – Multi Awards to name but a few..

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Gold Award

De Kat Magazine

Gold Award

Good Food & Wine JHB
Best Specialty Product Display
(Category: Group)

Gold Award

Standerton Show

1st Prize

Harties Herfsmark

Silver Award

Bloemfontein Show

Bronze Award

Platinum Market

Bronze Award

Good Food & Wine JHB
Best Specialty Product Display
(Category: Single)